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When it comes to buying or selling your home, it’s nice to have someone in your corner. Of course, this someone should be as adept in the latest marketing techniques as they are in good old-fashioned customer service. (In case you’ve forgotten—that’s customer service without shortcuts, sugarcoating, or nickel-and-dime fees.) They should be experienced in navigating the twists and turns of complex real estate negotiations and they should have the drive to relentlessly pursue each and every opportunity on your behalf. Above all, this someone should treat you with the level of respect that’s owed when making one of life’s biggest decisions.

Stampone Group is that someone. We’re a South Florida luxury real estate company, and this is what we believe.

Advocates trump agents

We’re here to unite people with their dream homes—not push properties or meet quotas. It’s a simple idea that affects everything we do and how we do it.

Work doesn’t equate to sweat

When you find your purpose and surround yourself with people who are dedicated, impassioned, and knowledgeable—you can achieve great things.

Community is everything

Yes, we’re in the luxury real estate business but look deeper and you’ll find that we’re a network of highly intelligent, ambitious, influential leaders shaping our industries and our communities.


Zach Stampone, Founding Broker

Zach Stampone portraitWhen other high school students would loiter after class to ask for extra credit assignments, Zach Stampone would corner his teachers to ask about business models and angel funding. He found himself analyzing every bit of knowledge he acquired through the lens of a start-up—odd behavior for a teenager. Zach’s quest wasn’t confined to the classroom; he’d seek advice from successful business owners, and voraciously read business publications to satisfy his never-ending curiosity.

This paid off.

Zach founded and sold a handful of successful companies. With his latest endeavor he returns to his first business love: real estate. Nothing could compare with the satisfaction of matching clients with their perfect home. Zach lives for the look on his clients’ faces when he shows them just the right place, and relishes in negotiating every aspect of the deal from the price to the move-in day. This is where his knack for details truly separates him from the pack. There isn’t much he hasn’t encountered, so working with international buyers or showcasing a one-of-a-kind luxury property (and all of the particulars that go along with it) are second nature to him. One meeting with Zach and you’ll know that his attention to detail also transcends to personal relationships. His genuine desire to serve clients along with his industry knowledge and never-miss-a-beat communication style are unparalleled.

Today Zach is surrounded with colleagues and clients that share his passion for fanatical customer service, luxury real estate, and living the dream. These are professionals that thrive in the dynamic South Florida lifestyle whether they’re relaxing on the pristine beaches or taking in the sizzling nightlife and skyline from a rooftop bar.


Christy Lopez, Sales Associate

ChristyWith deep Cuban origins, it was no surprise that Christy Lopez and her family were close growing up. She spent a good portion of her childhood in Michigan, but was lured back to beautiful South Florida before she graduated high school. It was here that she was molded by her grandfather’s understanding of South Florida’s real estate market. She absorbed his love for properties, even at a young age. “I always knew I’d be in real estate.”, she says. It runs in her genes. “Even in high school, I was the only kid driving around big neighborhoods looking at beautiful homes…just for fun.”

Christy graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s in Marketing, but couldn’t manage to stay away from real estate. She snagged a minor in the business before she left. She ended her degree with an internship at a successful real estate agency in central Florida.

It’s not just her passion that makes her an excellent sales associate; it’s her ambition and drive. Christy is not only competitive, but she has a fire to succeed, and doesn’t mind getting her ‘hands dirty’ to do it. She’s an entrepreneur at heart, starting back with her very own paper route at twelve. Her entrepreneurial spirit is part of why she loves real estate so much. “It’s a business within a business”, Christy explains. “It’s perfect because I don’t get stuck in an office all day and it allows me to do what I love; working with people.”

“Nothing is better than establishing trust with my clients. I just bought my first property, so as a sales associate, I want to make sure that buying a property is as smooth a transition as it can possibly be. I want my clients to know that I care about them. I want to build long and ever lasting relationships.”


Justin Starrett, Sales Associate

Kind, funny, friendly and professional are the perfect words to describe Justin Starrett. Justin has a love for the sun-soaked South Florida atmosphere and a desire to help everyone find their dream home in paradise.  He has a knack for making the home-buying process easy and efficient with only one goal in mind- pairing each and every homebuyer with their perfect dream home. Justin always has a smile on his face and is dedicated to excellent customer service, keeping his clients stress-free and content.

Justin has a unique outlook on life, going above the call of duty, so that his hard work and perseverance gets the job done.  His motto is “do everything in life, not at 110% but at 250%, so that you stand out among the crowd.”  He wants to make his clients not just happy, but ecstatic in their new home.  Justin is ready to encourage you, entertain you and most of all help you acquire the home of your dreams.


Norman&Page, Tampa Partner

logo_insigNorman&Page is a full-service Tampa real estate concierge and luxury real estate brokerage.

We’re your honest advisors and trustworthy advocates who are dedicated to making your transition in life easier. We stand for a purpose beyond just selling and buying real estate.

For years, the product of the real estate industry has been seen as a commodity. Homes are believed to be an emotionless, bundle of products. Its inhabitants are simply called ‘buyers’ or sellers’. And real estate agents are just salespeople has created a gap in the industry.

But real estate is anything but a commodity. You’re so much more than a buyer or seller. And real estate agents are meant to be advisors and advocates – not salespeople.

Your home isn’t just another bundle of materials that looks nice; it’s a landmark and artifact of your history. Your individual story shouldn’t be compared to anyone else’s. And the experience of buying and selling your home isn’t just a financial transaction; it’s writing a new page in your story.

We’re your trustworthy advocates and honest advisors who help you write that new page. And no matter where you’re going, we’ll help you get there™

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